Nechako Community Church

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In the winter of 1983 eight families met and believed God was calling them to plant another church in Vanderhoof.  They believed God for:

  • a celebration with uplifting and encouraging worship
  • positive, practical teaching from God's word
  • an atmosphere of love, acceptance and hope
  • quality ministries to and for the whole family
  • a decision making process in which all believers have an opportunity to speak and be heard
  • an opportunity to reach those who, over the years have dropped either out of church or never been interested in matters of faith
From April 1983 until December 1989 NCC met at Evelyn Dickson Elementary School.  On December 3, 1989, we moved into our present building.  Since March 1995 we have offered two worship service times.   An associate pastor responsible for family ministries, evangelism and discipleship was added to the pastoral team in December 1995.

Nechako Community Church is a member of the Mennonite Brethren Denomination which presently has about 105 churches in British Columbia.

What We Believe